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Asian Brothels in Australia

Dinelle Gonsalves January 18, 2017 Dating Comments Off on Asian Brothels in Australia
Asian Brothels in Australia

The laws revolving around the sex industry, especially for sex workers, are sometimes confusing in a lot of countries. There are countries where selling sex is completely illegal which gives way to illegal brothels and illegal hooking. When caught, the people who sell sex will be arrested, charged and receive some form of punishment because they’re breaking the law.

In Australia, however, selling sex is legal. Escorts can register their profession and do it all by the book. Brothels can register their business and hire escorts in their establishments and become well oiled successful businesses in Australia. Hence if you ever visit Australia, you will be amazed at seeing so many brothels, mostly in CBDs, in almost every major city in the country. And since they’re legal, they’re regulated and safe for the people selling sex and the people buying it.

One of the interesting things about brothels in Australia is that there are mainly 3 ways they market themselves. They either market themselves as just a brothel, they market themselves as a brothel that also offers erotic massages, or they market themselves as Asian brothels.

So our question is, why Asian brothels? Why not French brothels, German brothels, African brothels, or even European brothels? No, only Asian brothels. So why is that?

Australia is definitely home to many residents and backpackers from all around the world. But in the Australian sex industry, there are more Asian escorts than other ethnicities. In a news article from 2011 stated that more than 50 percent of women working in Sydney brothels are Asian. No wonder a lot of brothels in Australia market themselves as Asian brothels.

There’s definitely a high demand for Asian escorts by the male customers who visit these brothels because they want something exotic. So brothels are always on a look out for new escorts, especially Asians. In the same news article, an investigator said that Asian prostitutes charge less for more services while Australian escorts charge more and are pickier than the Asian girls.

So why do Asian escorts charge less? In our opinion, we think these girls are just trying to make a quick buck. Especially if their English isn’t very good and they have a hard time communicating, the easiest and quickest way to earn money in Australia would be to resort to this profession. We’re not recommending this to everyone but if you’re Asian and are interested in this line of work, Australia is one of the safest countries to do so due to its laws regulating the industry.

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