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Couples Games to Spice Up Your Bedroom

Dinelle Gonsalves February 2, 2017 Dating Comments Off on Couples Games to Spice Up Your Bedroom
Couples Games to Spice Up Your Bedroom

Playing chess, Monopoly, or Rummy aren’t the kind of games that illicit naughty bedroom fun (or maybe they do and we’re doing it wrong), but if you and your partner are wanting to try something new in sex play, a game between lovers can turn up the heat.

Obviously, a pair of lovers can turn innocent games into adults-only versions with only a few rule tweaks, but if your imagination is lacking and you need some inspiration, we’re here to help.

Truth or dare is not just for awkward teens when attempting to get to first base with their crushes. In the more grown up version of this game, you have to use your imagination. Don’t be shy or reserved while making up requests. The solution here is to add another person into the mix, and not necessarily in a threesome kind of way (though that’s always an option). If you are stonewalled by your own imagination, grab a card-based game or a phone app to be used as your dirty imagination. The point of truth or dare is to turn it into a risqué session of sexual favours with plenty of teasing. If you and your partner are adventurous and know a few like-minded individuals or couples, invite them over for some play time. The more the merrier! Be careful not to surprise your friends with this version of truth or dare if they’re expecting to play Clue Do or Monopoly. Make sure everyone participating is on board with the game before you lick your girlfriend’s best friend’s naval.

Playing with sexy dice for new bedroom ideas is a cheap and easy way to heat things up. You can buy a pair of sexy dice from any adult boutique. If you’re imagination is one of no restrictions, then you can always make your own. If your crafting skills are that of using tape at Christmas, getting store-bought dice is a good way to go since they’ll have suggestions you might not think of on your own. Dice can be found to suit your personal taste or interest and they’re a good starting point for couples who want to play sexy games.

Raise the stakes to the traditional poker game by adding the removal of clothing into it – strip poker! It’s usually the fall back of games when you can’t think of anything else naughty to do. Grab a deck of cards and someone who’s willing to play with you under the revised rules! AND if your imagination is lacking here, don’t fret, there are also a number of adult-themed card games developed purely for sexual activities. It’s a relaxed and fun way to find out more about your partner’s interests and perhaps learn more about their fantasies while you’re at it.

Would You Rather is a type of game that can become very dirty very quickly if not moderated. If you’re with your partner you don’t want it to be moderated either. Moderating it prevents it from becoming a sex game and from turning both of you on. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to see if your partner would be interested in something crazy. Say you have a fetish for feet and love anal, simple ask: would you rather do anal or let someone get off with your feet? You win with either one they choose. The best part of Would You Rather is how much fun it is. Remember not to take it too seriously and flirt your way through it or you won’t enjoy it.

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition between couples to heighten the intimacy, not to mention heat, to the bedroom. You might learn something new, try something new, and have some laughter in the process.

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