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How to Write the First Message to a Girl in Online Dating Website

Dinelle Gonsalves September 14, 2015 Online Dating Comments Off on How to Write the First Message to a Girl in Online Dating Website
How to Write the First Message to a Girl in Online Dating Website

One interesting fact about online dating is that out of all the first messages sent; only one third of them receive a reply. Your first message is going to determine the kind of impression that you make. To be successful in sending the first message, you need to be casual and intelligent. Whether you get a reply will depend on the type of girl that you message, there are some useful tips below to help you increase your chances –

  • Keep it short and simple by avoiding TMI – Primary objective of the first message is to initiate conversation by breaking the ice. Hence it should not have too much information (TMI) about you which would be nothing short of a boring autobiography of you. It should be short, sweet and concise with right amount of text to pique the other person’s interest in you. It should not have any suggestion of a meet up or exchange of number or email address.

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  • Ask questions – Opposed to just talking about yourself, add a couple of questions in your email. Nothing starts a conversation better than a question and it greatly raises the possibility of a response.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling – It is essential that you check your grammar and the spellings before you click that send button. Misspellings can create a bad image of you and it can decrease your chances of getting a reply.

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  • Using the Right Tone – When writing your first message, you need to use a tone that you would generally use while talking to someone in person. The other person should be able to make out that you are friendly, casual and polite. By using your sense of humour, you can greatly increase your chance of getting a reply.
  • Personalize the message – When sending the first message, you need to personalize your message and not send the same message that you would have sent to hundreds of people before. You can pick some common interests from her profile and talk about it. This also shows that you read their profile and you can talk about things in the profile that appealed to them.

When you send a message, you need to make sure that the message leaves door for a quick response. You can some samples of messages at the to get an idea about things that can work in your favour.

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