10 Scientific Proven Ways to Attract Him

Understanding how to attract a guy is important if you want to have better dating experiences. Otherwise, you'll get the wrong guys — the needy, abusive, creepy, and lame ones.

Most women aren't using to chasing men, which explains why they're bad at it. To help women like you, we have a handy guide on sparkling a man's interest.

The following tips on how to attract a guy are based on scientific knowledge, so they guarantee success. Let's go!

How to Attract a Guy?

Be attractive

Men only get attracted to women they find attractive. "Attractive" doesn't mean having a Julia Roberts-esque face or looking like a model from Vogue.

You could have a hot body but still look unattractive; ask any man, and he'll confirm this truth. Being attractive means taking off all parts of your appearance.

For instance, your hair should be tucked into place and your clothing neat and proper. This sounds basic, but you'll be surprised at how many women ignore these tips.

Be confident

Some women confuse confidence for audacity, even though the two are different.

Confidence doesn't involve making the first move, although that's not a bad thing.

A confident woman understands what she wants and goes for it. She refuses to lower her standards and knows her contributions to a relationship.

There's nothing sexier than a sure woman. As such, we advise you to increase your self-confidence to attract men.

See him often

According to science, familiarity is a big factor that influences attraction. The premise is that the more we see people, the higher our attraction to them grows.

Knowing this, devise ways to see the man you like more often. This could involve attending the parties he attends or showing up at a location he frequents.

But don't stand in a corner and expect him to notice you. Be visible, chime in during discussions, and if you're daring enough, strike up a discussion with him.

Choose colors carefully

How is it possible for colors to affect a man's interest? Science can be weird. That's all you should know.

Per researchers, the color of your clothing may affect the chances of attracting men. In this regard, many consider red the best color to wear when looking for dating opportunities.

Red connotes romance, passion, and desire, little wonder Valentine's Day uses the color.

Studies found that women wearing red proved more attractive than those wearing other colors.

So, next time you head to the bar, pick that bold red dress and get ready to turn heads your way.

Show interest

To avoid a faux pas, most men wait for some sort of signal before making a move. If you want a man to strike a conversation, giving him the "green light" is necessary.

We have an article on signs girls give to show interest, and you can try some out. Otherwise, simple things like paying attention to him, touching him, and making eye contact will help.

Exhibit an endearing personality

Women make the mistake of thinking all men care about are body attributes. However, they also care about what's on the inside.

In one study, men found overweight women with positive personalities more attractive than slender women with bad personalities.

So, you see — working on your personality is important to land a man. Always have a positive attitude if you want to increase your chances of finding a good male partner.

Smile at him

Every romantic film has that scene where the protagonist smiles at her guy, who then falls in love immediately. Although clichéd, smiling increases your chances of attracting a man.

Even if you've had a bad day, put on a cheerful face. And smile frequently. That should help spark the interest of your love interest.

Show some uniqueness

Even without science telling us, no one really wants to date a boring, run-of-the-mill individual. You have to show interesting qualities to spur a man's interest.

If you have passions and ideas, crazy or not, don't be afraid to discuss them. Challenge him to an intellectual debate if he seems like an intelligent individual. Show your weird side if you have one.

The key is to convince him that you're not like every other girl he sees every day — that you're unique, and he should find out more about you.

Watch your body language

Although many are unaware, body language says a lot about an individual. The right body language should attract, not repel, people.

For instance, keeping aloof in a bar or club signals your disinterest in socializing — which will discourage male advances. But, if you exude "good vibes," men will find you more attractive.

Show some kindness

Man or woman, a one desired trait in partners is kindness. According to studies, we consider kind people to be empathetic and more suitable for long-term relationships.

How can you show kindness to a man? Help him out, whether he's a co-worker or a stranger. Give him some respect. Listen closely to what he says.

Your kind attitude will surely attract men because who wants an unkind partner?

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